Monday, January 24, 2011

By Way of Introduction...

Our Philosophy of Care

We believe deeply in the inherent worth of each person, and that health, as one of our most precious assets in life, is something to be guarded and pursued.  Health can be defined as the fullness of physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual well being.  At Eastside Family Health Center we take an aggressive approach to the diagnosis of health problems, and no symptom is considered too small.  We esteem the opinion of our patients, and we work to enter into a partnership for their health.

History of Eastside Family Health Center

Although Eastside Family Health Center began in 1999, the clinic roots date back to the early 1950’s with two Dutch physicians who were missionary doctors, and whose vision led to the foundation of Shoreline Family Medical Center.  Dr. Frank Marinkovich joined Shoreline Family Medical Center in 1991 as an internist and continued there until 1999.

In 1999, Eastside Family Health Center was founded by Dr. Frank and Rita MarinkovichDr. Frank and Rita had a desire to offer more personalized care in the face of an ever-expanding corporate model of American health care.  A shared desire to provide such personalized care is what accounts for the close relationships amongst the staff.

In The Future

Eastside Family Health Center is on a mission.  Consistent with our historical roots and philosophy of care, Hebron Community Health Center is our future.  This will be a nonprofit arm of our current clinic that will provide care for the truly indigent and disenfranchised of our Eastside and Greater Seattle community.  Hebron Community Health Center is a natural extension of our current involvement with local and international health care for those too poor to afford basic health care.

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