Friday, May 27, 2011

So I was in a car accident but why do I need an attorney?

The story of a motor vehicle accident (MVA), or a car accident, as its most commonly called, usually starts out with something like this: So I was in a car accident but why do I need an attorney?

The story of a motor vehicle accident (MVA), or a car accident, as its most commonly called,  usually starts out with something like this:  “I was just sitting at the stoplight.” Let me tell you, though, the story does not always end well.  It usually ends with a damaged car, physical pain and a lengthy process of recovery.

A car accident can drastically change a person’s life.  Your schedule now has to accommodate doctors’ appointments, physical therapy appointments, massage and chiropractic appointments.  Sometimes, if the injuries are severe enough, there could be surgery and recovery time.  If that is not enough, you’ll have the stress and emotions that come with juggling your appointments and work,   and trying to go through “normal” life when even the way your body moves is anything but normal.  It can be daunting just dealing with all of that.  Now, add dealing with the car insurance company or companies and the other party, your stress level doubles and even triples.

All you want is for everything to be the way it was before the accident, right?  For your body to be made whole, your car to be made whole... Sounds simple enough.

Car insurance is meant to protect you and to bring you back to wholeness.  In another blog we looked up the definition of insurance which is a means of guaranteeing protection or safety.  It is meant to protect you in case of harm: physically, by providing compensation for healthcare and financially, by paying for your vehicle repairs.

Your car insurance is meant to be your advocate.  However, there are situations you may run into where you feel like things are not going well. The insurance company is trying to close your case and you don’t think it is time for that.  Or your injuries are more extensive than your personal injury protection coverage will pay for.  Will your car insurance agree to continue to pay for more treatment? Will the other party’s insurance?  How will you know if what they are saying and what you are getting is fair?  Are they thinking of what’s needed in the future or just  closing your case?  How do you know it’s time to close the case? Are you still in pain and still need medical care?  Do you have more questions than answers (like this paragraph)?

We understand this process can be daunting, frustrating, and time consuming but we want to see you through the process and come out as healthy as you can.  Sometimes, that means getting more help.

A lot of people cringe when they hear the word “lawyer” or “attorney”.  All sorts of preconceived ideas come to mind.  While seeing an attorney isn’t recommended at the beginning of a case, an attorney may be appropriate in cases with extensive physical injuries, a pre-existing injury is exacerbated by the accident, or when you come to a place where you are not sure if your car insurance or the other party are looking out for your best interests. 
Not all attorneys are created equal though.  A good attorney can be your advocate.  If you are concerned about your recovery or if your car insurance is looking out for you, talk to your physician.  Your physician may be able to refer you to a reputable attorney that they know and trust.

Confused about what to do if you’re in a car accident?  For more details, visit this blog:


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